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Kevin who now calls his feminine self April continues his journey into his feminine self including a transition at work. Can men be far behind?

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    Friday, after the meeting with April at her desk, Peter returned to his office trying to hide an erection. He'd been successful in keeping April from noticing, but Elizabeth saw him and giggled.

    She gave the man a minute to collect himself, went to his office and closed the door.

    "Peter, I couldn't help but observe that you find April attractive."

    Sitting at his desk, the man laughed and threw up his hands, "God, Beth, I'm going nuts."

    "I know; she's developed into quite the love bunny. But I wondered, aren't you put off by her girlish attributes, I mean you're gay?" She laughed.

    "Well I am, but I'm a little bit bi too. The combination she's become has my libido in overdrive."

    "What about you Beth? Is her figure starting to do things for your lesbian inclinations?"

    Elizabeth nodded, "Oh yeah! It started the first time I saw her in a dress."

    "Doing anything about it?" Peter asked grinning.

    "Not yet, but soon. I've been waiting until she feels settled in her new gender. I dropped by to say I've got first dips! You can look forward to making your move, but only after I've had my way with her."