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It is certainly a transformation. Enid comes to understand that her husband Clint is the weaker of the two of them and begins turning him into the perfect little housewife.

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    She stretched for something on the dresser table, then was back over on top of me again. She laid some things on the bedcover. Picked something up.

    "Mm..Mmm..Mm" she crooned - and started applying makeup on my face.

    "Please Enid? Don't do this. Please?"

    "Oh for goodness sake!" She muttered impatiently. "You know I like my girl to look pretty. Just wait a minute or two. Would you?"

    I tried again. "Please don't Enid. I've done everything you wanted."

    "Of course you have darling. But that's how little sissies ARE. I don't see why I should expect any less from you. Do you?"

    "No." I capitulated.

    "Call me Mistress Enid darling, would you? I've been told that sissies just LOVE to be told what to do by dominant mistresses. Is that true?"

    "I don't know, Mistress Enid," I whimpered softly.

    "Of course it is! Now be quiet Melissa. You're making it difficult for me to do a nice job on your makeup!"