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Johnny came from a good family, an industrious and wealthy family, but he knew he felt a lot more at home with the girls than the boys. Then in middle school he meets Catherine and her family and they see exactly how he is different. They help him become the woman he is meant to be and we follow further in the history of this remarkable family.

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    During the rest of the evening various aspects on how Johnny should cope with his femininity was discussed. Everybody knew that Catherine and him never could be married; Johnny just had to marry his second cousin and prepare himself to take over the family company. At one point Carole asked Johnny if he was free all weekend.

    "Yes, I am," he replied, "my parents are gone until late Sunday afternoon, and as long as they're away, I'm free to do what I like. This has been true since I started Senior High. Before that I had to report to home to the staff every evening."

    "Good. I will then suggest that you and Catherine come to my house tomorrow morning. I have a plan for you, you see. I plan to dress you up as a teenage girl so you can get the feeling of how it is. If you feel for it, we might even go to a show downtown if you like. You don't have to bring anything but yourself. You are my size and I have everything we need to make you into a beautiful girl. I also suggest that Nadine and Steve come over for an early dinner in case they want to see the result of Johnny's transformation. They also can join us downtown later in the evening if they like."