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A collection of short feminine domination and sissy training stories by some of our favorite authors.

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    An Aptitude for the Job by Bea � Alan is in a lingerie store with his wife, when the shop keeper realizes that the poor boy is on the wrong side of the gender fence.

    Dear Charles by Bea � Told as a first person dialog, this tells the story of our Dear Charles�s subjugation by his wife and coworkers.

    Making the Boss a Bitch by Trish Shaw - Kind of just what it says. A secretary discovers, to her amazement, that she is a dominant and her boss is not!

    Discovering Bobby by Franz Schein � The story of a man who becomes besotted with a T-girl he meets in a bar.

    Erosion by Stella Satin � One side of a long conversation by a wife to her husband as she remakes him.