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A Season in New York - Just a simple, extremely well written, and engaging boy meets girl story. The boy is a detective in the New York City police department and the girl is in the process of becoming a girl. It's a bittersweet hot summer fable where two people find each other and grow as a result.

Winter Solstice - A second short, sweet, boy meets girl story about an ex-soldier and another on leave, who has no idea that the first is not really the girl of his dreams.

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    "I'm not actually a woman"

    Silence followed Lynn's rather incomprehensible revelation.

    "Hello?" she explored the silent line.

    "What do you mean?" hesitantly, Andy conducted his own puzzled exploration.

    "Well," she let it go, "you know how I could understand all you told about Viet Nam, how I could sort of anticipate some things you would relate. That's because I was there. I don't have a brother. I'm my brother. I'm not really a female, I'm just trying to be one." In spite of the thoroughness of her confession, Lynn made no attempt to reinforce it by reverting to Brian's natural voice. Sitting on her couch, she strode to assume as feminine a posture as possible, to maintain Lynn's identity while repudiating it.