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A somewhat unusual story of a husband being tricked into acting like a submissive in order to get his wife, her friend (actually a domme) and himself into a D/S club. What starts that night isn't so easily forgotten when he goes home wearing lingerie, makeup, a wig and a mink coat! A story told as only Bea can tell it.

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    That damned collar around my neck chaffed! Not only that, the woman who was pulling me along now was none too gentle. "What's you're name again?" she asked over her shoulder as she led me along.

    "Tom," I said.

    "Don't be so fucking ridiculous! That's a man's name! What's your real name?"

    "Tom. Honest. You see, I'm just doing this because..."

    "Blah fucking blah! I'll ask you one more time! If I don't get a sensible answer this time, it'll be the worse for you. Now - what IS it!"

    "They've been calling me Tiffany," I whispered.

    "Much more appropriate! Now, come along Tiffany, we'll get you all ready for the show." With that, she gave my leash a tug that set me to lurching behind her.