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Cruising - On a cruise, Eugenia, known for the most part as Gene, is looking for her next conquest when she sees David Ross. He's slight and not very assertive and looks like the perfect candidate for what she has in mind - turning him into the perfect feminine plaything!

Poor Michael - Something strange is happening between Michael and his girlfriend, Cindy. They've pretty much had a conventional relationship, until one night it all seems to change and she seems determined to make him into her girlfriend!

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    "Yes Gene," he said softly. "But I was wondering...?"

    "Yes Dorothy?" she cooed.

    "Well first? I'd kinda like to get changed back. Second? I'l rather you called me David, please?" His voice was weak and rather petulant she thought.

    "No Dorothy, I will not call you David. Until tomorrow night is over, I want you to think and act like Dorothy. It would be stupid for me to allow your male persona time to take over again, don't you think? Into what, may I ask?"

    "My real clothes!" But there was no force behind his words now.

    Suddenly, but smoothly, she pulled him down to sit on her lap and fingered the material of his petticoat. "You're saying this pretty lingerie isn't real Dorothy?" She fondled his breasts staring him in the eyes and daring him to protest. "Everything about you feels real to me sweetie." She kissed him on the lips. "Even your lipstick tastes real too. Tastes nice. Now be a good girl and stop this arguing! Going to behave?"

    "Yes Gene, he said.

    "What's your name?"