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Terry is a single dad and going to college. Soon he finds others like himself and they gather into a group that they call The Single Parent Society, for the purpose of mutual support. Not only that, but as they were about to graduate they are all offered jobs as a group. Terry is still the only male in the group that is until one of the moms gets an idea, and he takes to it like a duck to water.

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    "I don't think you heard what Nancy said," Bev went on, "she said we will dress as Southern Belles and that 'we' includes you. As one of the four of us you will come as a Southern Belle as well."

    It took a few seconds before terry realized what Bev just said. He sat p, looked at the girls and almost yelled, "No way! I'm not dressing up as a woman. It's not right. Besides I would look foolish and I don't want to make a fool of myself."

    "Calm down," Bev continued, "you will not make a fool of yourself. This is Halloween and lots of men dress up as women on a day like that. And we will help you look so beautiful that no one will recognize you. You see we know you will do it. You will do it for us, your friends in the Single Parent Society.