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Both Malcolm and Ruth are out of work and can't find employment. Ruth is an expert in beauty and massages, and instead of looking for a salon opening, they decide that she should open her own at home. Unfortunately, it seems that the only ones answering her ad are men, looking for "something extra". Shocked at first, she eventually acquiesces and a successful, but fledgling business is formed. Then she gets a suggestion that in order to take this business to the next level, she should have another woman working with her. But who to ask? Well Malcolm isn't really doing anything, is he?

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    "I told you, give me a chance to finish and to explain everything. You're selling me short if you think you wouldn't pass as a woman! And to get to the point and cut the crap, the only real question is whether you've got any qualms about handling a guy and dealing with his cock. If you think you couldn't do it, well, that's a shame, because we could make a fortune. but if you can see the whole thing as just a business and a way to earn a living, give it a try! It's not so difficult to spend one hour massaging and tossing a guy off for the equivalent of a whole days money in any other job! Believe me!"

    Ruth anxiously waited for Malcolm's response, nervous after she'd finished her argument as to how her partner would come back and answer her reasoning.

    When it came, the reply wasn't what she'd expected.

    "So persuading me to let you turn me into a pseudo female wasn't just about turning you on, or about having unconventional sex?" he asked. "Which is what you originally told me", he added accusingly.

    "Um, no," She had to admit. "But don't let that be the deciding factor becuase I've got to tell you, what started out as a lie has become a truth now!