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This is the biography of one man�s search for love. After losing two great loves Michael becomes reticent for another, until those old yearnings are restored by a new woman. A friend knows the secrets of all of these women and finally clues him into what he seems to be drawn to - transgender women. It�s a sweet and sexy story as only Ms. Prynne can portray.

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    "Mandy's a wonderful memory and when the hurt lessens, it'll never full heal. Ev will be like that too, a wound that never quite heals and an unmatchable ideal all at the same time. But it's not fair to you or to anyone else to make them be yardsticks or benchmarks no matter how special they are."

    I nodded and motioned for another Jack Daniel's. We both studied the menu which was mostly American comfort food. I was debating between meatloaf and pot roast when Pete broke the silence.

    "I have an idea of what drew you to both Mandy and Ev."

    "Are you going to let me in on this great insight?"

    "When I'm sure I'm right. You're attracted to her, huh?" He nodded in Miki's direction. Pete looked smug, as if I had just validated whatever theory he was keeping to himself for now.

    Miki had just seated a couple and was setting up a nearby table that had just been bussed. Her claret red hair shone in the soft light of the restaurant. Her green jersey dress flowed softly over her hips. As she bent and twisted the skirt rode just high enough to reveal shapely, muscular calves. Her erect posture and graceful movements announced she was trained as a dancer.

    "Don't even answer that. I can see you are."