Mags Inc
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Mags Inc Novelette Story Cover

This story is based on the real life knowledge of its authors... One of the employees of an advertising agency, Ryan, acts in an "inappropriate" manner towards another, Aaron, while Aaron is dressed as Erin. As the staff tries to decide what to do about this, they discover that Ryan may share the same interests as his victim. thus begins his journey of self discovery.

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    "You were drunk! You attacked me! You wanted a good night kiss and more! You tried to put your hand under my pajama top! You wanted sex! Don't you remember? I had to physically knock you out!"

    Ryan rubbed his jaw. "No wonder my jaw is swollen. I couldn't figure why." He didn't mention his swollen groin and testicles.

    "I'm so pissed off at you! I have already talked to Tobin about what happened! You are now on the company shit list! What you did to me is unacceptable! He wants both of us to fly home his morning! He cancelled our schedule today! I have already booked my flight. You can make your own arrangements, but not on my plane!

    "I am not dressed as Erin this morning because you treated me like dirt! You could not even be nice to me last night! You have never liked Erin! She saved the Goddamn company! You would be out on the street panhandling if it was not for her!"