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Three young men kidnap Chris Jennings and force him to wear women's clothes all over opposing views of football teams. As the weeks wear on, they force him to become their sexual slave. Will he come to accept and even enjoy his new life?

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    Chris came back downstairs and trundled into the kitchen to check on the wash. The three Titans fans all burst out laughing at him.

    "Blow me... there's nothing on you," Brett said to him, "I've seen more meat on a boiled egg!" referring to Chris's slight frame. The other two fell about laughing even more.

    "What do you expect from a Buffalo fan?" Josh chipped in . "And your skin is so pale. Do you even have any body hair?"

    "Some," Chris answered defensively, now feeling very conscious about his body in comparison to the other three well built boys. The truth was that puberty had not really kicked in with him yet, so he hadn't really grown much body hair not did he need to shave often.

    "You practically look like a girl... especially with that long blond hair. Are you a gay boy?"

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    Great story of a guy becoming a girl at the hands of the other team!

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    Deena Gomersall is a great author creating this two part series of a guy named Chris, who is caught and forced to become a girl cleaning and cooking for a house full of men. Chris eventually becomes sexually active as a girl learning to service men. Exciting story with a great ending!