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Monica James returns to the Reluctant Press with a story about a group of crossdressers. Jack is the experienced one in the group and takes in newbies like Bren. The story proceeds in a breezy style about new experiences in crossdressing and sexual drama, until a darker purpose of Jack's Pack is revealed.

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    Jack grinned but still continued his quest. "In your special party outfit you are outrageously desirable. Not just to me; lots of guys and gals. You perhaps are enjoying celebrity status. Now hat ayuo are begging me to satisfy you, which of our mutual friends would you prefer to take you? Tell me?"

    "No, not an alien fantasy. I have learned that I'm a different person when I'm dressed for the dance. Often dancing with a casual friend, I feel the stirring in his trousers and have to discipline myself to keep from pushing against it. teasing it, wishing for it, like you are doing to me right now. Is that what you are asking?"