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Jeff was becoming vulgar and mean and his Mom tried everything to get him under control. Finally on day, not knowing what else to do, she decided on an unconventional method of punishment that had apparently helped some other boys in the same situation.

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    The first punishment Jan added was to pierce his ears a second time. He hated that but the second punishment was even worse. She shaped and filed his fingernails before painting them bright red to match his toenails. That insured that he wouldn't dare leave the house now.

    Jill tool full advantage of the situation. She told Jeff if he didn't do exactly like she ordered him to do, she would go to his former buddies and invite them over to their house. She'd also managed to get a couple of good pictures of him while he was busy cleaning and wasn't looking. They clearly revealed his painted red finger and toenails. Somehow, when he was distracted, she managed to get some of him getting dressed. It showed him wearing powder blue silk panties and cami.