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A real live story of a transgender woman looking for how to balance her personal needs for living as a woman and finding love. By day she is Tim, a ranger in the National Park Service, but at night she transforms into Cindy, the beautiful woman she was meant to be. Sadly the men she manages to meet are all ashamed to be seen with her in public, that is until she meets Lee. It starts off as a friendship but soon blossoms into so much more.

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    Standing a head taller than the crowd, Lee spotted the three girls at the table near the piano bar with shopping bags lying at their feet. Cindy wore her peasant blouse and denim skirt, and provocatively showed off her smooth legs. A blonde with straight hair wore a long sleeved black and red dress cut so high that it would have revealed the young woman's goods if her legs weren't crossed. A brunette wearing a blazer and tight jeans with navy blue flats completed the trio. Lee smiled, at least Cindy was developing real girl-friends.

    The crowd easily parted for the large but non-menacing African-American and soon he was standing behind Cindy who was so engrossed in the conversation with her friends that she failed to realize his presence. Lee lightly tapped her on her bare shoulder and loudly cleared his throat. The young woman turned around and her blue eyes sparkled as lustrous as any sapphire.

    "Hello handsome," she purred. Lee was wearing khaki slacks, a white shirt and a slate gray sport coat.

    "Hello gorgeous," he smiled, revealing perfect white teeth.

    "Girls, this is my friend Lee. Lee this is Jessica Mitchell and Kelly Waskow, my friends."

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    Great story

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    As usual with William Kincaid's stories, the main character's name at birth is Tim. Tim is a CD, but thinks he is more a trans woman. But the date-app lifestyle just isn't working for him/her. Can some coworkers and friends help Tim find happiness? Will his parents ever accept their daughter in a man's body. A great read with realistic characters.

    Bittersweet story

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    As usual for Mr. Kincaid's books, protagonist Tim is the main character, and is a CD at the beginning. Burned out on the loneliness of the bar scene in Philadelphia, he puts the girl clothes in storage. But two co-workers find out about his past, and decide to encourage him in his transition. Will one last blind date change things? Includes realistic scenes nor only from Philadelphia, but also upstate NY. Some of the parents are unbelievably understanding, but the storyline is realistic and satisfying.