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Eighteen year old Wendy (nee Wendell) looks like a pretty little 12-year-old girl, and her domineering, man-hating mother has trained her in girlishness since she really was 12. This makes Wendy the perfect candidate to assist the police as a part-time Molester Detective Specialist, attracting would-be child molesters to have sex with her and then be arrested. Read as this engaging story unfolds.

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    "I think you'll really be glad you did this." Judy softly said to Wendy just before they entered Club Swank Wank. "You did very well in the MDS training, and you've sure got what it takes to nab those molesters."

    "I hope so." Wendy said.I only wish I could nab my mom too, she thought, but didn't say. She had told Judy a few things about her mom during the training, and she wasn't sure she wanted to tell her any more.

    The entered the club, and again Wendy had to have her ID scrutinized. Of course Judy didn't have her gun or badge, so she couldn't speak up as a police officer and officially verify that Wendy was 18. The plan was to pretend they were going to have sex in the same private shower stall where Wendy had done it with the red-bearded man, while really they were going in to bug the stall with a tiny audio-video camera and transmitter. It was OK, Judy had explained because they were only going to record events that Wendy consented to have recorded, and the molesting suspect didn't also need to consent.