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Madam Sara Devlin provided more than prostitutes for her clients - she provided special people for special desires. But the Peterson's request was going to be a challenge.

They wanted someone to be their new "bride" and Sara had to find not only a teenage male virgin, but one feminine enough to perform his wifely duties for Mr. Peterson and masculine enough to pleasure Mrs. Peterson. (88 pages) A Mags Inc Origins story

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    The next day when Patrick arrived at Sara's she noted with pleasure that he seemed cooperative and stripped quickly when asked. He only hesitated for a second when she handed him a raspberry colored pair of silk briefs. She then took him to a friend of hers for an hour of electrolysis. The started with the boy's side burns.

    Each day for the next week the pattern repeated. Patrick would arrive at Sara's at four. Sara had him strip, threw his boy's shorts in the garbage, and gave him a few pair of panties to wear. Then she would take him to her friend the electrolysis technician for a one hour session. Twice at the end of these sessions she again injected the boy's buttock with doses of a special female hormone she got from a 'client' who was a doctor. On the ninth day when Patrick stripped Sara was please to see that he was wearing the yellow panties she had given him the first day.

    "Well Patrick, does this mean that you don't have any boy's shorts left?" Sara asked.

    "Yes, Aunt Sara," the boy replied.