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It starts slowly at first... Joan, the wife shows a new side of herself, a new strength. Steven, her husband, is an obliging agreeable man. Slowly things began to change. She starts asserting herself as he becomes more compliant and then her Aunt Eileen moves in with them and things accelerate.

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    My wife of almost two years seemed to have undergone a massive change since I had left her that morning. She had always been sweet and coy. Reasonable and non-demanding in everything she did or said. But now there was an element that I had never seen before, a sense of confidence, almost as if she was looking down on me. Naturally, considering our actual positions, this was absolutely true, but it wasn't in this way that I meant it, it was as if she was starting to consider me as being inferior, something beneath her. I had never ever seen my sweet wife like this before.

    I found myself standing helplessly as she did exactly what she said she was going to do, smiling gently at me all the time. " You look so cute!" she laughed. Then she got more serious. "I'll take a Scotch and water darling. A nice strong Scotch, if you don't mind." Then she turned her back on me and headed for the sitting room, where we normally watched TV, leaving me standing there helpleslly.