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Jim ends up going on a vacation to a remote cabin with his wife and her lesbian friends. However the girls insist that all chores, even the ones that Jim thinks are only for women, are shared equally. Changes are afoot for him.

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    When Angie and Priscilla came back, their astonishment at my changed appearance was obvious. Both Denise and I wore full, frilled aprons with multi-colored floral patterns. I blushed, seeing Priscilla's somewhat disbelieving stare as she took in my apron with the large bow at the back, then my hair, which Denise had parted on a different side and held in place by a few judicious bobbi pins. I desperately hoped that they weren't too noticeable. I don't think that Priscilla noticed that my eyebrows had been plucked over the bridge of my nose.

    "Amazing what a few little eyebrows in the wrong place can do!" Denise had said as she had plucked away at mine happily.