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Angry that her fiancé, Michael, is treating her like some kind of Barbie doll, dressing her in all kinds of overly feminine attire, Tiffany decides to put the high heel on the other foot!

(This author is actually Bea writing under an alias, link to other Bea stories below)

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    She thought for a moment. "I'm very complimented by this. At the same time? I'm not very sure if you understand what I want of you. Today would be a drop in the bucket. I'd expect..."

    "Please darling?" I interrupted. "I said it before and I meant it. I love you and want to make you happy!" (The fact that she was fondling me through the sheer materials of the nightdress and peignoir had absolutely nothing to do with what I'd just said - well maybe a little.)

    "Okay!" she said. On your own head be it!" But she was smiling, despite the warning in her words. I've heard of a special crash course established to feminize makes in a hurry. Would you be interested in taking it?"

    I felt the blood rush to my face, "If you were there to help me, I wouldn't mind," I whispered after a pause.

    She kissed me firmly and continued stroking. "Of course I'd be there! As I understand it, it's more like a holiday resort than anything else - and I'd want to make sure that you were being treated properly - and not falling in love with any of the counselors or trainers! I'm starting to think that you just love bossy women!"