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Poor Michael, he’s small, not very masculine and out of work. His usual gig was as a steward on a cruise ship, where he had met Susan, but he was between jobs and failing at finding another. Susan and her sister, a big, strong dominant woman named Cindy offer him a place to live until their next cruise and Cindy delights in turning him into an effeminate sissy. When their next cruise needs a cook, Michael is perfect, except for one tiny correctable detail – he’s a boy!

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    I drifted into effeminacy as effortlessly as a feather floating downstream on a river. What else could I do? I suppose that, maybe, I had had latent tendencies in that direction but in the weeks that followed, as I became used to sharing a bedroom with a girl - and yes, I did end up sharing the bed with her - she certainly didn't see me as any danger to her, and I guess I started seeing myself as Cindy and Susan saw me - a sissy.

    And tell me. What do you do when the girl you love brings home her girlfriend for dinner, huh? And wants you to make am impression by wearing one of your prettiest aprons, huh? And then, while the two women - budding makeup artists - want to experiment on you? Do you fight them off - or sit, squirming in shame, as they make you prettier? PUt your hair up in rollers? Start referring to you as Michelle?