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The final chapter in the slow seduction of David into a life of debauchery and sissyhood

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    Looking at Robbie Mathis, I cannot help but think this is perhaps a preview of my future.

    His hair is nearly shoulder length, has a henna tint to it. He wears it in a large single inward flip, combed on either side of his face. Three diamond studs adorn the only ear I see. From the back anyone would mistake him for a woman. Arched eyebrows and dark, accented lashes suggest femininity. Perhaps a hint of foundation and wet plump lips complete his androgynous features. A large wide collar, button front "shirt", with the top three buttons open, plunges to a smooth pronounced chest. What is suggested is hidden by a thin nylon tee-shirt; small but undeniable swelling and the imprint of large nipples.

    Robbie wears green pleated slacks that somehow go with his eyes and his legs are crossed at the knees, cuffs revealing thin nylon socks in feminine looking loafers that have an elevated heel.