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Janice discusses her worthless husband to her friend Shirley. Andy cheats on her and steals from work and she just wishes that she could teach him a lesson. Then she admits that he also likes to wear her night clothes from time to time and he finds it exciting. From that Shirley has an idea on how to handle the worthless man and they put it into action.

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    Shirley and Janice sent the rest of the afternoon and into early evening being extremely rude to Annabelle (ed.: the renamed husband), and humiliating her as much as they possible could.

    "Are you a prissy little tart?" demanded Shirley at one point. "Answer me."

    "Err... Yes Mistress", answered Annabelle, who was promptly told by Shirley.

    "For God's sake! Whoever heard of a girl with a deep voice like yours? Moderate it girl! Moderate it! Think girly thoughts and speak in a higher tone. Otherwise you'll sound like a female Russian athlete on steroids! Now try again!"

    "Yes Mistress," tried Annabelle again, doing her best to mimic a woman. "How do I sound now?"

    Surprisingly to both Shirley and Janice, Annabelle's voice sounded quite good. Almost like a woman who was purposely speaking in a husky tone to try and sound sexy. But neither of the women was prepared to admit it!

    "Ridiculous!" scoffed Janice. "Now you're imitating some femme fatale in an old thirties movie! Perhaps we should have named you Marlene!"

    As Shirley sniggered at Janice's remark, Annabelle flushed crimson and involuntarily looked down to avoid the women's mocking gaze. But that in turn triggered yet another round of sarcasm and ridiculing.