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(If any of you are familiar with Bea's stories, she is the mistress of sissy stories) Eric and Brian, two shiftless losers attending UC Berkeley (and how they got in we can only speculate) are picked up by two tall beautiful women. They end up at a bar which caters to women and their sissies. It's the beginning of a long night and a new life for the two losers.

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    When she escorted me back into the living room, I felt positively tiny beside her. In her long clinging dress with a slit up the front - and extremely high heels she was well over six feet - a beautiful predator.

    As if timed, Eric and Bobbie appeared at the same time. I had been woried about what he'd think of my feminine getup, but lost that concern the second I saw him. He was wearing a SKIRT! He was wearing a satin BLOUSE! He was wearing NYLONS and HIGH HEELS! And to top it all off? He was wearing LIPSTICK!