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What starts as an occasional innocent cup of tea between a delivery man, Steven, and one of his customers, Anne, grows into something more when a storm strands him at her place. However, soon a simple sexy afternoon, becomes a lot more as she forces him into feminine clothing.

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    "Pre-colored glue-ons honey." Anne chuckled once she had gotten her breath back and seeing my reaction. "I'll file them down in a while." she contorted herself until she sat on the edge of the bed and said with a smile of anticipation. "Go and wash your face and then come back and sit at my dressing table. I'm going to really pamper you and see just how good looking a slut I cam make you into." She was already removing her sodden panties, and looked up clucking. "Now honey! Not next week, get a move on lover!" Feeling deliciously subservient, I trotted off.