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Ashley and Tracy's mom had wanted to adopt at least one girl, but none were available, so she settled for two boys. When Halloween came along, however, the smaller and younger of the two was made to dress up as Scarlett to his brother's Rhett. Poor Ashley had to endure this for several years, and as time went by, Tracy became enamored of his feminine brother. After their parents pass. Tracy's behavior becomes more and more dominant, but to what end?

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    My brother was paying, obviously, to have this, this Mistress, dress me up like a woman! He was probably going to parade me in front of all his friends and let them jeer at me! I'd never be able to face any of them, people whom I knew, not ever again! I couldn't face a servant again, not any of the Rodriguez family, who'd all be spreading the word on what had happened to me, how Id been degraded by my brother's woman friend, being made into a woman just like her, fora ball in town. Most of them would see me as well in a woman's ballgown, in makeup and a woman's jewelry!