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General Factotum: noun - a general servant... Paul is picked up by a beautiful woman while he is enjoying a quiet glass of wine. They hit it off famously and retire to his place for a night cap. There he admits to being an occasional private crossdressers. Between that and his obvious stellar housekeeping skills she offers him a job as her housekeeper and secretary, as a woman named Jenny!!

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    "I just had this idea, Jenny," again the Cheshire cat smile, "since you are so fond of housekeeping uniforms, after you finish here and before you serve the coffee, go to your premises and pick a housekeeping dress of the many Jasmine was using. I don't think there will be a size problem, Jasmine was a big girl, quite unusual for a Filipina, and you are a small girlie boy so you will fit into one of them. You will find them all in the closet and make sure that you pick a clean one. Then add to the outfit a half white apron, that will do the trick."

    I could feel my heart beat a fast-steady thud beneath my ribs and excitement vibrated through me like an electrical charge, all symptoms of a sexual arousal which I tried to hide desperately by pushing my body towards the sink, pretending I was busily doing the washing up.