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Two young football heroes kill one girl and injure another when they are driving drunk and the judge isn't going to just send them to jail. Instead she mandates that they actually replace the two girls by living as girls until she says that they have learned their lessons. It starts out as torture for the two macho guys, but what happens as time passes? (100 pages)

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    Back in court, she told the boys to rise. "Because of this awful tragedy causing the death of a beautiful young lady, it is within my rights to send you to prison for a long period of time. Mrs Robbins has suggested another option which I've decided is a just punishment for your crime. Now nothing can stop the pain you've caused or replace their daughter but this is my decision. Brice Benson and Allen French, for the next 4 years, you are sentence to take the place of the two girls.

    "You will be forbidden to wear any male clothing during this time. Brice Benson will be known s Britney Benson Robbins and Allen French will be known as Ally French Green. You will each live one week with your biological families, then the next with your new families. I will be sending someone from the court to follow up and make sure you are following these instructions to the letter. If I find that you are not fully living as females during this time. I will have you sent to prison for 6 years." the judge said.