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Three stories of the trials and joys of being transgender. Aunt Cindy Falls in Love is the story of an unusual attraction between a young man and his aunt. Tom Lincoln's Lily White Wife is the story of a young man's sexual and gender evolutions through attraction to another man. She Walks in Beauty is a discussion of the morality of one being true to oneself.

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    "Would you like it if I was a homosexual?"

    "... I do like it, especially if you're one of the kind of homosexuals that wear girls' clothes. Are you?"

    "I don't have any girls' clothes," I admitted, "but I've drawn a lot of pictures of myself wearing them, and I'd love to wear them, if I had any."

    "I think that can be arranged," Tom said. "Bring me some of your pictures tomorrow, and let me see what you look like as a girl. Then we'll see about arranging an expedition to Queen's Bluff, where they have stores that openly sell women's clothes to men who want to wear them. Does that sound good to you?"