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This is the story of Char, a lovely old-school transvestite who wants nothing more than to be able to look like a beautiful woman while remaining a man. Starting out awkward and timid Char studies everything she can to achieve "her" goal with the help of her devoted wife, Nadine, until she achieves her goal.

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    I examined myself in the mirror. Yes, I was a transvestite, but all I saw in the mirror was a very glamourous woman indeed. I felt shivers run down my spine - what was it about dressing as a woman which made me feel so so good? I had long thin legs, trim ankles, a slim body and large breasts which were accentuated by the tight dress which hugged my body. It was the best I had ever looked, I felt sure of that. I felt so confident it was unbelievable.

    "No one would ever think you were not a woman." Nadine said.

    "Thanks!" I replied in my Char voice. I lived for days like this. My 9 to 5 job was OK, but I did not live to work. No, I worked to live. I worked to get that paycheck in my hand so I could invest it in my alter-ego Charlotte. I was lucky because Nadine loved Char too and didn't mind the expense. In fact she was often the instigator of a new wig, a new dress, a new look. I was so lucky in that regard. I was married to a woman who also loved making Char look great. Like me, she loved the invention of it, the masquerade, the fact that Char had become the third person in our marriage with her own style and personality.