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Layton finally resigns himself to the life of a complete sissy in this sexy conclusion.

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    "You were raised for this you know."


    "Being a girly-boy. Didn't your aunt dress you when you were smaller?"

    "Yes but it was all innocent fun. And she's not really my aunt."

    "Hah! You're more suited to dresses and panties than cotton undershorts and blue jeans."

    She is right of course. Maybe I do look a little like Gwyneth Paltrow. I am girlish but I don't swish like some fairy. Buster saw this in my long ago, tried to bring me out. Made me touch him in the shadows of the warehouse. Then when we returned home from Aurora's, Aunt Martha and me, when I was dressed like a girl. auntie encouraged me to go with him. In his truck I freed him and masturbated him.

    Maybe being this way is my destiny. And there are women who like this. Could I find a girl, a young woman, who would marry me, knowing how I was, that I was this way?