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Charles is a smaller than average boy, living with his mom and sisters on a small cul-de-sac with only a couple of houses. He runs afoul of neighbor sisters, one of whom is very very dominant. He soon finds himself doing housework for them and wearing one of the girl�s cheerleader uniforms.

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    "Good! So listen up! When I first married your dad, I hadn't a clue about transvestites and I really felt stupid once I discovered that your did was on. After a while, I started doing a lot of research and covered a lot of ground. While I was doing this I discovered that a lot of transvestites are submissive - very submissive. You know what submissive means?"

    "Do as you are told?"

    "Very good dear! The only thing is that in this case a transvestite is submissive to women. He not only likes being told what to do? He needs to be told what to do - and he'll do just about what any female tells him. He enjoys being dominated and humiliated more than just about anything else. Can't help himself, poor soul."

    "But why are you telling me this mummy?" I asked my mouth feeling stiff.

    She sighed. "Dear? Everything points to the fact that you're a submissive. Now you may of may not be a transvestite - but you surely are submissive. I'm just tell you this so that you'll understand your desires and actions more. Not feel guilty or anything. Understand?"

    "Maybe a little," I said.