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John's mom was devastated at losing a daughter at birth, when she hit on the idea of seeing what little John would look like if she dressed him as a girl. As a result her deep depression was almost instantly cured! However as he grew up, he didn't lose his desire to be a boy and then a man. This is the story of him seesawing back and forth until he realizes his true gender.

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    "You're kidding. You're not a boy, everybody knows you're a girl! My sister told me about you since you were born."

    "If you don't believe me I have to prove it to you."

    Jane pulled up her skirt and pulled down her panties and showed her groin to her aunt.

    "Oh my God! You have a perfect little boy's genitals. What's going on around here? Is this some kind of weird joke?"

    "It's not a joke Auntie. Just listen and I'll tell you the whole story. If you don't believe me you can check with Mark, he'll back me up all the way."

    And then Jane burst out with the whole story. How her mother so much had wanted a girl, and that after having lost one decided to dress her youngest son as a girl in order to keep her sanity. The advice from the psychiatrist, how John had to dress as a girl during vacation and on weekends, and that she now was wondering if her mother had started to give her hormones without her knowing.