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Having lost his job, Tim becomes involved with a support group and employment service for transsexuals and transvestites. However because of that he falls into the clutches of Mary McDonnell who employs him as a temporary maid with the encouragement of Flora, his enthusiastic wife. She promises to change him forever. Also includes An Aptitude for the Job, a short story by Bea, the Mistress of sissy stories.

  • Sissy Training
  • Forced Feminization
  • Crossdressing
  • Transgender
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    "Seems to me you've been keeping this one on much too long a leash, if she's ever going to make you a competent maid dear."

    Flora laughed drunkenly, "My Tammy's hotel trained aren't you pet?"

    "Er, yes, I suppose I am at that!" I laughed starting to leave and put the water on.

    Mary's eyes flicked over me and she said to Flora, "You really should insist that Tammy wears a pinny when she's cleaning."

    "I'd like to see him in one of your uniforms Mar," Flora hiccuped, which made me blush brightly.

    "Her Flora! a transvestite is always a 'her' dear!" Mary grinned, then whispered something into her ear with a glint in her eye. Whatever she said made Flora's eyes light up and in that mock stern tone she sometimes used when whe was feeling like a night of chauvinistic laziness she said, "Be a good girl and wash the glasses while we have our nightcap, Tammy."