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In this, part one of a two part story, Dan travels to England ostensibly to claim his share of an inheritance from a previously unknown aunt. Once there he discovers that 3 witches have lured him to assist in averting mankind's destruction. There is one requirement - he must become a woman!

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    Dan woke fully only to feel the first contortions of his body. It was happening, he was starting to change, and it scared the hell out of him. His heart began pounding and soon he began having spasms of pin in his back... severe back pain and muscle contractions through his torso, arms and legs. His toes and fingers began to cramp, his legs cramped and it was all happening at once.

    He had pain in his groin as if he had been dealt a heavy kick in his scrotum. He felt his very bones aching with a deep ache and every part of his face was now hurting him severely. So severely that he was now racked with pain and the intensity was growing. Dan felt as if he had been hit by a high speed train that had broken or crushed every bone in his body and he cried out in agony. Eventually the pain became so intense he could endure it no more and he passed out.

    As Dan began to come slowly around, the first thing he was aware of was that all the pain was now ended, he was pain free. Did that mean that he was now transformed into a woman?