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A love story between two very unlikely individuals. Jack and David knew each other in high school, but traveled in different circles as David was suspected of being gay and Jack was disgusted by the idea. Once in college, David begins living as a woman, Desiree, and begins to have a strong desire for Jack. Jack is surprised to find that the idea is not so repulsive to him.

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    "David Ballmore?" Jack asked, incredulous. "Is that you?"

    "That's me," the girl said with a big smile, "but now you can call me Desiree."

    Jack felt as if he were choking caught in the iron grip of conflicting feelings far too strong for him, locked in a fight to the death against one another. Run! He's gay! He'll suck you in! one side of him was shouting. The other responded, softly but insistently, Here is a sweet, pretty girl who wants to be your friend. Don't be a fool and flee from her. Don't let her down.

    Jack looked David, or Desiree, over from head to toe in silence. She was still several inches shorter than Jack, and still a bit chubby, but instead she had lost some weight since last hear. She was really beautiful now, he thought. He had looked upon slutty looking shemales with total revulsion, but Desiree was nothing like them. Her heart was calling to him through her bright blue eyes, speaking to him of the love he had always dreamed of, and his own heart could hardly resist the call.