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This is a creative science fiction story involving a mad scientist with a strange machine and an intrepid reporter determined to get to the truth of his secret work. The reporter is first shrunken then gradually turned into a doll as the scientist's daughter's plaything.

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    "That's her," Melissa said sadly. "The ballerina.:

    The skin on the back of my neck tingled with fear as I realized what was happening.

    "Good girl." Dr. Wyatt replied. "You know it's always best to tell the truth don't you?"

    "Yes, daddy."

    "Well, little man," the doctor said, obviously addressing me, "or perhaps I should call you 'little lady' now, eh?"

    I grimaced with shame, then looked up to meet his enormous eyes gazing down at me.

    "I must say, you look quite attractive as a girl," the man smiled, "a regular living doll."

    "Can I keep her, daddy?" Melissa pleaded. "Please?"

    Wyatt paused in thought a moment, still staring at me in my feminizing disguise, and then he hummed to himself with satisfaction.

    "I had other plans for you, Dolly, my dear." he chuckled, "but since you've become such a big hit with my little girl, I think we'll keep you just as you are."