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After his parents are killed in an accident, Harold is taken in by his Aunt. Now she has only raised girls before so she is ill prepared for the issues that a boy might present. They live at the beach a wonderful location, but full of bad influences for an impressionable teenage boy. Soon he is smoking marijuana and she knows she must take action. Her plan is to convince him that drugs can very well change his gender and she goes to great extremes to make it all seem real. Eventually her efforts seal his fate.

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    In was well into summer by the time Harold began to notice the changes taking place in his body. I'd seem signs of his development after the first two weeks, when his nipples began to swell and his weight started increasing. He took the "mega-vitamins" daily, sometimes twice a day, and I even managed to get him back the the doctor's office to give him his "booster shot" so the changes in his blood chemistry were just about complete and simply needed time in which to work their miracles. That monstrous appetite of his continued unabated, which greatly speeded things up, for instead of just burning up those calories, his newly acquired female hormones had other uses for them in producing new stored fat cells. The process was so gradual that is was barely noticeable to me, so it wasn't surprising that Harold took so long to recognize the changes.