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A young man looking for a fresh start takes a job to clean up an abandoned house for a sale. This house has a story, as two of the previous inhabitants had died violent deaths there. Nevertheless he welcomes the opportunity for shelter and a paid position. Strange happenings begin almost immediately as he realizes that the house is truly haunted. As the story progresses, we find out that not only is it haunted, but the ghost has a plan for him as well.

  • Forced Transformation
  • Mystery
  • Adult Sexual Situations
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    "Julia, I know it's you. I never really believed in ghosts before, but... I mean, you... Well, you're obviously real, and... and I just wanted to say... Well, I'm really sorry about what happened to you and your father and... It's not that I don't appreciate all this attention you've been giving me, but... uh... You see, I have all this work to do, and I really should... Oooff!"

    Air was suddenly forced from my lungs, and I had the unmistakable impression that Julia was sitting on me with her legs straddling my sides! Her thighs were as cold as her hands! I wondered what was going on and was just about to ask when I saw the glint of metal tweezers rising from the table! I knew instantly what she was going to do, and I fought like mad to stop her, but my arms were trapped at my sides and my legs kicked at the air uselessly! A powerful, icy grip came over my face, holding my head perfectly still as the tweezers descended, and one by one I felt the hairs of my eyebrows being ripped out! Gradually the lower halves of both brows were removed, leaving only a thin arc high above each eye, and I knew without seeing that my face would appear much less masculine as a result!