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Ms. Fox has created two clever parodies of Mark Twain stories. These are entitled Cherry Finn and The Princess and the Pauper. The first is inspired by the opening crossdressing scene of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but refocused and twisted into a bizarre love story. The second has a similar plot as the original, that of a pauper taking the place of a Prince, but with a gender switch at its heart

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    From Cherry Finn: The worse part's seein' myself all gussied up like one'a the girls was how deuced pretty I was! I'd always thought Amy Lawrence was the best lookin' girl around these parts, while Tom's been sayin' it's Becky Thatcher since the day she came to town, but I swear that neither'a them girls could hold a candle to the doll-face beauty I seen in the lookin' glass that morning.! Why I didn't just look like girl, I looked like the prettiest girl in the two counties, and that seemed to make everythin' even more unbearable! Oh, why'd this have to happen to ME! I ain't never had no truck with girls, them bein' so delicate and helpless, and there I was lookin' like the most delicate, most helpless girl in town! It was just so awful I felt a little faint but I steadied myself, afraid I might swoon like the girl I appeared to be!