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Our narrator has revenge on his mind. He's lost the 'love of his life' to another and further looks down on everyone anyway, so he plots a complete revenge. He invites the new couple and others to his remote compound and begins transforming them. If his rival becomes a woman, then why would his new wife choose to stay with him? Hypnosis and powerful drugs lead them all down surprising paths.

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    Ever since I'd conceived this mad scheme of revenge, I foresaw the possibility that my victim would begin to appeal to me sexually as his appearance becomes more and more like that of a girl, and though this disturbed me at first, I eventually realized that there was nothing wrong with a man being aroused by female attributes, even if those attributes were seen out of normal context. The fact was that my captive now had a pair of smooth, curvaceous legs any woman would envy, and they were turning me on just as much as Jenny's ever did. Maybe even more, because there was something really eerie about the discrepancy between what I knew to be true and what I saw and touched. My mind told me that this was Dave, the guy who stole my Jenny away, a man I hated with a passion, and yet if I just ignored his upper half and focused on those gorgeous legs, my eyes and fingertips told me that this was a female, a woman with long, sexy legs I couldn't stop fondling.