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Fox Tails Cover

Three stories: Cindy and the Werewoman is about a creature that forces a gender trade through sex. He's My Sister is a comic about what happens when a young man is talked into disguising himself as a girl and things definitely get out of control. Finally, Transvengeance tells a tale of a man being subjected to his worst nightmare by an angry mob boss.

  • Magical Transformation
  • Forced Transformation
  • Disguise
  • Crossdressing
  • Adult Sexual Content
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    From Transvengence: "It's amazing how fast a tough young man will crack, once you've taken away his masculinity and made him look like a pretty girl." Ramirez was still smiling broadly as he watched his henchman carry the feminized boy over to the bed. "Once we've broken him, he readily accepted his new role as a female prostitute, and I understand that he adapted to his training really well. He now knows several different methods of satisfying a man sexually, and he's not only gotten good at all of them, he no longer needs and persuasion before performing his new tricks... as you can see."