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Our science fiction author, Rebecca Rafferty, brings us another gender bending science fiction story. Maran is a fierce warrior, but with a girlish build. After a pitched battle, he is mistaken for a woman, and not just any woman, but the reincarnation of a legendary Warrior Woman. Situations force him to adopt this identity and then finds that he is extremely attractive to the men of this clan.

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    Thanks to Bareta, my existence changed. I didn't see the princes, or my horse, Kun. No, I was confined to women and women's quarters all the time, for over a month. The main topic was my voice and how to speak. Some cordials helped me 'find' my appropriate female voice, as I also learned how to walk, dress and make up like a woman.

    I was taught fashion! Women's fashion! Just like the other girls, awed by the elegant women teaching them, I had to be able to describe accurately every fashion that the ladies wore. "The maids must report accurately to their mistresses," Lady Shallas told me. "And you, as a mistress, must understand what they mean."