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Michelle, a beautiful transsexual from Minnesota, falls in love with a gorgeous German man, Eric. At first the story is about their love affair and Michelle's exploration of her unfolding life. After their marriage they travel to Germany to meet his parents and, while there, become embroiled in a race to uncover the path to a hidden cache of enormous wealth before it is found by a group interested in establishing a tyrannical "Fourth Reich".

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    My therapist's words about being careful were still ringing in my ears - but those words were overridden by my desire to see him again. I wanted, needed, absolutely had to get to know the man behind those gorgeous blue eyes.

    The thought that this might lead to a long term relationship and at some point a sexual one, began to weigh heavily on my mind. I was worried about whether or not this was going to be a possibility, particularly since I was sexually inexperienced - at least on this side of the fence. And what if Eric wanted to marry me at some point - and to have children? What if he found out I couldn't have any - and found out why I couldn't have any? Would he be offended, sickened, outraged if he found out I wasn't a natural born woman? I was afraid he might - but I couldn't stop seeing him because of it. I couldn't stop seeing him because of anything!