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Another great book from the early days of Mags Inc! A story, often breezy, sometimes darkly deviant, always edgy, of women forcing men to be subservient and feminine according to their desires. It is actually the first story of Max's Cytheria Coterie's series which continues in other books such as published under Mirage Magazine and other Mags Inc titles.

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    For his punishment, Arthur faced the wall. His mother had threatened inviting some of her lady friends over for tea. Aunt Martha thought it a splendid idea. Her obscene laugh was loud, like the neighing of a horse.

    Facing the wall wasn't so bad. It was what he wore that was so mortifying. A red pleated, red velvet dress with frilly petticoats underneath, his bare legs exposed, feet in frilly red ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes on his feet. Under the bib-like dress he wore a long-sleeve, ruffled blouse and Martha had insisted on a training bra.

    Arthur had cried and pleaded to no avail. If he didn't dry it up and face the wall, and face it now!, his Mother would put a full compliment of makeup on him. As it was he wore a blond wig with pink ribbons and ponytails