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What do you get for the woman who has everything? How about a made-to-order feminized husband? After a year of servitude training and complete feminization, Prissy is about to find out why Bea has transformed her into the submissive sex slave she has now become. With Bea's birthday coming up again, Prissy must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to fulfill Bea's birthday present wishes. What else could Bea possibly want from her now?

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    "Finally, to be clear about this, two last questions. When I began with you, when I asked you to become one of the girls at my birthday party, did you believe you were a man with a man's desires and in no sense a woman?"

    I nodded

    "And now, as you kneel here before us, do you believe that you are a woman with a woman's desires, and in no important sense a man?"

    I nodded. Now I had told my wife's lover everything that I had agreed to be turned in to a woman, and had accepted my bondage and willingly become a slave to Bea.

    "You man bend down to the floor again," Bea said. "I am very pleased with your answers."

    Thor smiles at me and reached out to pat my head lightly. "I never would have imagined it could be done. Bea has created a masterpiece and I thank her for it."

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    It was a let down as I thought Prissy was growing into her own woman the author killed it