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Through the movies and old newsreels we all know of the famous stars traveling to entertain the troops during WW II. Here is a story of a little known company of crossdressing soldiers who go out to entertain the troops in the most dangerous front line positions. These "girls" delighted in entertaining battle weary soldiers on stage, and occasionally, under the sheets. An intelligently written and layered story by one of our best.

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    The following conversation occurs one evening during the 'girls' training in New York City...

    In the evenings, the girls would gather in Charlotte's room after eating dinner at the Waldorf's restaurant, and would talk about traditional girl things, until one evening, Frances wondered aloud, much to her chagrin, "What is it like to be with a man?"

    Charlotte (the Hollywood actress in charge of their training) laughed. "It all depends on the man. If he is respectful to you out of bed, he will worship you in bed."

    "But why do women like bad boys rather than nice men?"

    "For the same reasons men like bad girls, like all of you will become," Charlotte grinned wickedly.

    "Isn't it time we get to prove our worth as girls?" Amy pressed.

    "Yes," Eve piled on. "I want a man."

    "Me too," Margaret laughed.

    "And me," Amy hopefully offered.

    Charlotte looked at the two squad leaders, Daniella and Francis, who both nodded approval.

    "Then I guess it's time. I was waiting for you to ask me."

    "Welcome to the party," Frances smiled as she welcomed the two gentlemen into Charlotte's suite...