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Ian is a young man of short stature helping at the local small town repertory theater. Although he can certainly act and has had training, he never gets much more than a 'walk on'. However when a new director, Melanie Baxter, comes to town with new ideas for an updated production of "Charley's Aunt", he is suddenly assigned the major role, one that involves crossdressing. Melanie's vision is to create a perfectly believable woman in the role and Ian's life is changed forever. Surprises abound in this amusing and sexy story.

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    Ian danced and twirled across the office a a favourite tune played. It seemed to be natural to be doing it in heels now.

    "Very good," He turned to find Lottie and Melanie at the door watching him.

    "How long have you been there?" he asked, surprised that he hadn't locked the door.

    "Long enough to see what a star you're going to be." Melanie hugged him theatrically, and then Lottie did the same, more warmly, with a secret smile as she broke away. "Are you ready for phase two?"

    "Phase two?" Ian asked.

    "That's right, and I've come along to watch Lottie perform her magic."

    "Today's the day," Lottie raised her bag to show him. "this is where the female begins to take shape." Clearing a space on the desk, she laid the bag and opened it, Moving the packing away gently, Ian saw a naked female torso.

    "What's that doing here?" He asked, thinking that it was a stupid remark as soon as the words left his lips.

    "That is a theatrical grade latex and compound prosthetic, made to close-up film standards," Lottie said. "In other words they're your boobs."

    "Mine?" Ian looked again.

    "Yes, you'll be wearing them under your clothes in the first scene, and then when we do the quick change, it will really look spectacular." Lottie said. "They attach with a breathable adhesive, and once you're used to them, you'll be walking and standing just as a woman would do."