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When Mitch started his puberty at 12 years of age, there was a surprise. He started developing female type breasts. As he grew, they continued to grow as well. For a number of reasons, he decides not to have them removed and let his body develop as it will. In a few years he is actually living as a young girl just trying to figure out life as any teenager might. It does present some unusual opportunities though, like boys, girl's school and so much more as she matures into a young and sexy woman.

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    "Are those breasts real?" Misti's counselor asked her almost as soon as Misti had sat down in her office. The counselor for transgendered students, known as Ms. T, had real breasts herself and big ones too - as her low neckline made all too obvious - although her face looked more masculine that Misti's face.

    "Uh, yes, they're real," Misti said. "I've got a rare hormone imbalance."

    "Oh, They're so lovely! And I'll bet you're here to find out how you can keep bad boys from giving you a hard time about them in the locker room, aren't you?"

    "Well yes, I am, now that you mention it."