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Carl is a young man out of high school but unable to go to college and looking for work. He eventually is offered a job as a "crossplay" character with a company that supplies living anime characters to conventions. He's experienced in cosplay and is slight of build, so why not get paid high dollars to portray female anime characters? It's quite an adventure formed of travel and meeting all kinds of people as a different gender.

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    "So am I accepted?"

    "Provisionally, yes. Your last answer was why when asked if you considered Crossplay. One of our options for employees is Otokonoko, or Trap. Do you know what that is?" I wasn't sure and said so. "The term is applied to boys who dress as girls. In Japan they have dedicated cafes and fashion shops where the service personnel are all boys dressed in attractive female clothing. The pay for a Trap character is higher than it would be for you to dress as a male character."


    "Yes." she replied. "Take that last costume contest for an example using the High school of the dead characters. Give me a while here with my Photoshop."

    A few minutes later she sent a picture inside the chat box. It was the same one I had sent, but costuming had been added. Instead of me in my bathing suit, I was Rika wearing a SWAT team outfit with shaded glasses, purple hair, and a stunning set of breasts. Then another, Rei with long orange pony tail, a sailor otfit, and an M14. This was followed by Saya with long orange twin tails, sailor suit and glasses. Then Yuriko, Saya's mother, waist-length red hair....

    "You will notice," she went on, "all I did was use that one picture yo sent and photoshopped it. With proper makeup and prostheses, you could be standing inches from a person and they would not be able to tell you were a boy."

    "And if I had been working for you?"

    ..."It starts at twenty to forty dollars an hour on average."